20 Best Apps To Watch Free Live TV on Android in 2023

Since the arrival of Netflix, media streaming has continued to grow. Services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc, offer endless hours of video, but live TV isn’t available.


Have you been searching for the best free live tv app for android smartphone? Humortainment has put together some of the best of the list of free streaming apps for Android devices.

Here is a list of some of the best Android apps to stream live TV online via Wi-Fi or cellular networks.

These apps do not stream TV shows directly from their servers. Instead, they search online directories to find TV channels to stream online.


On the internet, there are many online streaming apps that are deceiving in nature and attempt to inject malware into your device.

There are apps that request permissions that are not necessary to their normal functionality.

For instance, apps may wish to access your contacts which is not necessary to stream your favorite channels.


With this best free live tv app for android, you can watch Live TV on the go without having to pay extra for cable subscriptions.

There are plenty of Free Live TV apps available on the Google Play Store for Android devices that allow users to watch Television content for free.

In this article on Humortainment, I’ll share with you the best apps for watching live TV on Android.

These apps will be helpful during leisure time at work or when you want to watch a live show you can’t miss.

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20 Best Apps To Watch Live TV on Android in 2022

1. Live NetTV

Live NetTV App is a general-purpose entertainment App that hosts 700+ Live Channels, Movies, VOD, TV Shows, Live Sports, and all popular programmings from many more than 8 countries.

The service is absolutely FREE. It is so simple to use that you will instantly love it.

The App hosts channels from many countries that including UK, US, Middle Eastern Countries, India, Iran, Pakistan, Turkey, and many more countries.

Live TV
Female relaxing at home in evening and watching live TV

Look for the stream or channel and you will be provided with links, click on them to play the video on an external player.

If any of the links are not working you can switch to another link to see if it works well.


Looking for some live US content than, OLA TV is the best choice to stream right from Television stations from the US and Canada onto your mobile phone.

You also get TV channels from Spain, Germany, the USA or Italy, just to mention a few countries, that cover all sorts of topics: general, children, news, sports, movies, religion, music and more.

The app has a little poor design and you are bombarded with quite a few adverts. However, if you really need to watch the TV on your phone, it’s a good option.

3. TVCatchup

TVC is one of the best free live tv app for android that allows you to watch UK-based television and satellite cable channels.

TVC is an Internet television service for viewing free-to-air UK channels. It retransmits BBC, Channel 4, Channel 5, and ITV, amongst others.

The service works with pre-roll Ads and is free. You can access some popular UK channels on your mobile with the App.

The App lets you stream Free-to-air Channels free of charge. The App is free to use albeit Ads are rolled to support the developers. One of the best Apps to watch Live TV Content from the UK.

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AOS TV is a free live TV app that lets you watch free tv channels on your Android-supported device.

The app claims to host more than 1000 channels. The interface is simple just search for your favorite channel which you wish to watch, you will see multiple links below the player.

If any of the links are not working you can switch to other links present.

You can watch live tv from UK, US, India, Europe, South America, Australia, Canada, and more.

You can also stream live sports from across the globe. An easy-to-use quick app for your live tv needs.

5. Philo

Philo is another on-demand cable tv streaming platform. It is moderately known yet, though it is getting popularity because of its amazing offerings.

However, you can’t stream sports channels on Philo. It offers some great channels to streams such as Hallmark Channel, Animal Planet, Food Channel, and the list goes on.

Philo is compatible with Roku, Amazon Fire Tv, Android Tv.

This app to watch live TV on android allows you to stream channels up to 3 devices from one account.

Similar to PureFelix, Philo offers 7-days free trials. The subscription fee starts at 20$ a month.

You also get unlimited cloud DVR storage for a month to record and watch shows later without caring about your data.

6. TV Tap

TV Tap Live TV is also a popular App to stream live TV, movies, and shows on your Android device.

They provide more than 900 channels from European Countries, the Indian Subcontinent, the US, and Canada.

The App was formerly known as UKTV Now is now updated and rebranded as TVTap.

This app is, of course, one such app which lets you enjoy seamless streaming on your device.

You can filter the shows by Genre, Year, Rating, and type. The app doesn’t require you to have any login account. You do not need to pay any price to watch the content.

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7. JioTV

This is one of the most downloaded Live TV app on Android. JioTV offers.

JioTV offers 400+ channels including 60+ HD channels spread across 10 genres and 15 languages.

It is a one-stop destination if you wish to watch Indian programming on your smartphone.

But there is one barrier to this wonderful App that is you need to use their SIM cards on your device to run the channels

8. Plex Live TV

Unlike other games in this list, you might have to go through a little bit more effort for its first-time usage, but the efforts are worth the rewards.

With over 80+ live TV channels, the ability to record your favorite shows, and the Chromecast cast support are definitely a treat for the users.

Along the same lines, you could also make use of its Picture-In-Picture Mode to multitask while watching your favorite shows.

All these costs around $4.99 USD/month, so it’s definitely worth the bargain.

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9. Yupp TV

Yupp TV gives a neck-to-neck competition to Jio TV when it comes to offering live tv streaming and catch-up services.

Besides, these Yupp TV does a fine job indeed of streaming live channels and providing streaming of recorded catch up of previous episodes on your Android.

Initially, you can enjoy live TV absolutely free due to the free sign-up bonus and freebies.

And can also take advantage of the referral program to keep the Yupp Wallet with cash to enjoy TV Shows for free.

10. Disney+Hotstar

Hotstar is the premium content provider of local and international content in India.

The App runs on a freemium-based model where it offers some free content with Ads and premium content with a subscription.

The App has loads of live content to offer from its bucket of more than 60 channels owned by Rupert Murdoch’s 21st Century Fox. (Bought by Disney)

You are craving some top Indian content on your phone then I recommend you to go with Hotstar.

The App hosts a lot of live shows and top movies from Bollywood and Hollywood.

11. Hulu

The Services of Hulu into Live TV started in 2017, prior to that it just use to host a series of TV shows both old and new, movies, and other infotainment programs.

Now it works a hybrid of Sling TV and Netflix, offering both TV Shows as well as Live TV to its users.

Live TV

The content and presentation of the App vary with the cost, low price will offer you content with Ads while a high package offers Live TV with no Ads.

Hulu TV Pricing starts at $7.99 Though you may find the cost on the higher side I believe it’s worth a buy.

If you wish to have access to some premium Content then Hulu should be the first choice.

12. YouTube TV

YT TV is an over-the-top content (OTT) streaming subscription service available in the United States. It includes ABC, CBS, The CW, Fox, NBC, and other networks.

The service offers Cloud DVR without DVR storage space limits, 6 YouTube TV accounts with individual login and DVR.

The App offers more than 60 channels from the US which can be directly streamed on a phone or Apple TV without any cable box.

You can access top content-providing networks on the TV App.

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13. Sling TV

The Sling TV is a decent free live tv Streaming App available in the market.

The ease of customization, number of channels, and just OK pricing make it a favorable App for all Android-based devices. Sling’s Orange package is $20 per month for 31 channels.

It has a good mix of basic sports, news, and entertainment Channels.

The Blue package is $25 per month and consists of 45 channels. The Orange and Blue can be combined into one package for $40 a month.

The basic Orange package comes with channels such as ESPN, AMC, CNN, Comedy Central, CN, Disney, TNT, IFC, and A&E. Sling Blue offers selections including Fox, NBC, USA, FX, and Bloomberg Network.

14. SonyLiv

Liv by Sony India is a country-specific content-delivery platform.

It works on the same freemium model by which it allows you to watch movies and TV Shows with advertisements while more demanding content requires Liv Subscription.

The other good thing about the Site is it offers premium sports programming like La Liga, NBA, Football WC, Serie A, EPL, and other live sports for free but with a 5 minutes delay which could be cut-off if you buy a premium pack costing ∼ $4/ Month.

The Web has rights to all the Movies Distributed by Sony and provides Live TV streaming of Channels like Animax, Sony Movies, etc.

15. Now TV

Now TV is a contract-free subscription-based internet TV service for the UK, Ireland, and Italy. It is owned by Sky plc.

Therefore, Now TV has all the TV Channels, Live Sports, Programs, and Movies owned by Sky Network. You can access Sky Network’s live sports channels and other entertainment shows.

The service is paid and you may need to pay £9.99 every month but there is a 14-day free trial. You can access up to 10 Sports Channels.

Now TV is available on 60+ devices including consoles and Smart TV. If you are serious about streaming some important sporting events then you can try a 14-day free trial plan.

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16. ThopTV

With an application of the likes of ThopTV, you won’t miss a single one of your favorite TV programs.

ThopTV hosts thousands of channels free and premium which you can stream for free without any account or subscription. You get Live sports, movies, entertainment, and more on the applications.

The App hosts live tv channels from the US, UK, India, France, Germany, Canada, the Middle East, and other European Countries.

You can access all the live sports and general entertainment channels from across the globe.

However, some of the channels may not be working in your country due to copyright reasons.

In that case, it’s advisable to use a VPN application to be able to access this application with a different IP address.

Live TV
Happy woman watching Live TV with phone and headphones

17. DirecTV

DirecTV by AT&T is quickly gaining a huge subscriber base. These internet TV App with 100+ channels actually streams Live TV.

With TunerMedia under its hood, you can expect more and more TV Channels along with a mammoth collection of the vast media library.

The App itself has some issues and bugs actually making it very unlikely with respect to User Experience but said that the DirecTV App hosts a powerful blend of entertainment, music, sports, news, and many more channels.

18. nexGTv HD

nexGTv HD is completely free to download and use, and you can enjoy Live TV, Latest Movies, TV shows on the app.

On nexGTv HD, you can watch some popular Live TV channels like Pogo, News X, Aaj Tak, and much more.

The app also maintains a massive library of video-on-demand content showcasing English and Hindi Movies.

19. Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another best free Live TV app that you can use on Android.

Guess what? With Pluto TV, you can watch over 200 channels and 1000s of movies for free.

The good thing about Pluto TV is that it got Chromecast support and apps for Android TV.

Since it’s a free service, it doesn’t have channels that require huge fees. You can avail yourself of some exclusive channels by paying a fee.

Apart from that, Pluto TV also offers over 45 channels in Spanish, including the native language and dubbed movies, telenovelas, and more.

20. AT&T TV

AT&T TV is an app that lets you experience sports, news, shows, events, and all other types of video content right from your phone.

It’s one of the best free live tv app for android to watch live sports or news events.

However, it’s a premium service, but it has multiple plans. The lowers tier has around 65 channels of live television.

The higher tier gets up to over 140 channels. The top-tier plan is pretty expensive, but the channel selection is excellent.

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Wrapping Up On The Best Free Live Tv App For Android

To date, this is the best app to watch live TV on Android. They all offer free streaming and you can never get bored watching them.

There are endless channels, cool television shows, and other programs available.


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