20 Best Delivery Companies in Nigeria 2023

Because of the internet, the amount of buying and selling has increased significantly. Transporting items quickly and effectively between cities and continents is more important than ever before.


There is an increase in delivery companies in Nigeria, and technology is disrupting the logistics space as well.

Despite all these innovations and disruptions, finding reliable delivery companies in Nigeria can be quite a challenge.

In Nigeria, as the volume of e-commerce transactions continues to grow, smaller players other than the large e-commerce players like Jumia and Konga are entering the market.


Almost all of these smaller players use social media channels to market their products.

In Nigeria, logistics can be difficult and expensive because of the country’s poor infrastructure.

Our goal in this article is to highlight delivery companies that offer top-notch services, such as security, speed, tracking, specialization, individualization, and a great user experience.


Here is a list of the best delivery companies in Nigeria you should use to deliver goods across the country.

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20 Best Delivery Companies in Nigeria 2022

1. UPS

Delivery companies in Nigeria

UPS has established itself as one of the best delivery companies in Nigeria.

UPS has earned the faith and confidence of many Nigerians who use its services by being synonymous with speed, dependability, and efficiency.

UPS, or United Parcel Service, is an American courier service company that offers rapid mail delivery, logistics, and freight services.

UPS is one of the world’s oldest package delivery firms, having been formed in 1907.

The company has evolved to include several subsidiaries and divisions that handle worldwide package delivery to over 220 countries.

The firm boasts one of the most significant cargo plane fleets, freight transportation systems and has just added drone delivery to its services list.

UPS’s headquarters are in Atlanta, Georgia, and the company employs over 450,000 people worldwide.

2. DHL

Delivery companies in Nigeria

If you’re in tune with courier services, the name DHL might ring a bell.

DHL is a Germany express logistics company established in 1969.

DHL is the largest logistics company in the world and its interest in specifically on sea and air mails (though it sometimes uses trains and boats for its cargo transportation system).

DHL was established by Larry Hillblom, Robert Lynn and Adrian Dalsey and currently offers courier services in about 220 countries of the world.

DHL is the first courier that will come to mind when referencing Nigerian courier companies. Though unknown to many, the name “DHL” was coined from the last names of its founders (Dalsey, Hillblom and Lynn).

DHL is the best courier company so far and that might be the reason for its acceptability all over the world. The only slight issue with the company is its rate. DHL is known for its high logistics cost and sometimes, it has slow delivery rates (though this is dependent on the region).

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3. FedEx

Delivery companies in Nigeria

On the third spot on our list of delivery companies in Nigeria is Federal Express (FedEx). FedEx is not an indigenous Nigerian courier company but has massive appeal to the Nigerian market.

Federal Express (FedEx) is an international express and cargo distribution company with presence in over 200 countries of the world.

FedEx is the darling of many ecommerce stores and users as it guarantees its customers and clients about 1-3 day delivery time.

FedEx has its branches all over Nigeria and offers efficient delivery services.

FedEx is quite expensive but using the company is quite rewarding as you can keep track of your parcel by typing in your tracking number in the Fed Express portal.

4. GIG Logistics

GIG Logistics, often known as GIGL, is one of the best delivery companies in Nigeria today.

The firm was founded in 2012 and prides itself on becoming Africa’s premier logistics provider.

GIG Logistics is one of the select group of logistics firms with a well-defined market route across Africa.

It is a rapidly growing courier service firm with dozens of local branches in Nigeria, Ghana, and the United States, as well as a large, well-connected worldwide network that provides domestic and international, intra-state, and inter-state express delivery services.

The firm is a prominent participant in freight forwarding, haulage services, mailroom services, storage and distribution services, and e-commerce logistics, in addition to courier services.

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5. Red Star Express

Red Star Express is another well-known courier business in Nigeria.

On November 14, 2007, the company went public on the Nigerian Stock Exchange, and it now offers a full range of logistics services in Nigeria, including international and domestic express delivery, freight forwarding, Integrated Logistics Solutions, Information and Document Management Solutions, Warehousing, Packaging Services, Food Delivery, and Agriculture.

Red Star Express Plc may also act as a third-party logistics provider for e-commerce businesses, which is a significant advantage given the company’s ability to reach almost every region of the nation in this manner.

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6. Sendbox

Sendbox offers local and international deliveries for personal and business use.

Sendbox will charge you a delivery fee, based on the route and weight of your package.

Sendbox also has a business platform that also allows you to create a free online store (like flutterwave)that you use to sell products and receive payments.

For items sold using the Sendbox for Business platform, Sendbox charges 2.5% of the total value of every product sold on the platform.

The platform also offers marketing services for your online store at an affordable rate.

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7. MAX (Metro Africa Xpress)

Nigeria’s MAX has built two products to make logistics and delivery services all that customers want them to be.

The MAX Go product offers everything transport operators would need to connect to customers in need of a ride, while the MAX Now product connects businesses and enterprises to needed delivery services.

MAX is the first company to design and customize electric vehicles, driving its adoption at scale for public transportation.

8. Keep on Shipping (KOS) Deliveries

If you’re looking for a courier company to handle your shipments to your customers within Nigeria, KOS Deliveries is a good pick. KOS is only interested in internal shipping (within Nigeria) and allows your customers pay on delivery.

What many do not know is that KOS Deliveries is owned by one of Nigeria’s largest online store, Konga.

KOS is also the official courier used by ecommerce giant, Konga in dispatching customers’ products.

9. Trans-Nationwide Express

Tranex is an indigenous Nigerian logistics company that offers both international and domestic express delivery services.

Tranex was established in 1984 with the name TNT Skypak Nigerian Limited and later changed to its current name (Trans-Nationwide Express Plc) in the year 1992.

Tranex also offers haulage, ancillary transportation and storage services.

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10. CourierPlus

CourierPlus was founded in 2009 and is a major logistics and distribution services provider in Nigeria.

They provide a comprehensive range of rapid courier and logistical support services to their clients.

Financial Services, Manufacturing, Telecommunications, Government Agencies, and Oil & Gas/Utilities are just a few of the company’s strongholds.

CourierPlus, as a diverse end-to-end logistics solutions provider, provides a range of expertise aimed at assisting customers in re-engineering and reinventing their businesses in order to compete successfully in an ever-changing marketplace, with the ultimate goal of safely and promptly delivering all of their customers’ consignments as promised.

11. AB Logistics

For both international and local shipping, AB logistics has you covered with an affordable shipping rate.

This simply means that you can ship to all countries of the world and all 36 states in Nigeria.

With their online tracking service, you can track your package until it is delivered to you.

AB Logistics offers international and local shipping, haulage services, forwarding, packaging, and warehouse.

With as low as N1,200 they can deliver door to door shipping services for you within Nigeria.

12. Aerologistics

Aerologistics was incorporated on January 06, 2006, and has become one of the fastest-growing Aviation Logistics Company in Lagos.

It was established to solve all the logistics needs of its customers around the world.

Some of the logistics services they offer are ticketing, travel, tours, air cargo, passenger services, air ambulance, express mail/courier, and car hire.


The NIPOST EMS fast post is one of Nigeria’s oldest courier services, having been established in 1986.

It is also one of the most affordable in the country.

14. ABC Cargo

One of the best delivery companies in Nigeria is ABC Cargo. ABC Cargo is a division of ABC Transport, with headquarters in Owerri, the capital of Imo State.

Despite being a courier service, the firm also handles shipments and provides support services to other courier and logistics companies.

ABC Cargo guarantees that your packages are easily traced, and their service has been nothing short of reliable throughout the years.

15. Kxpress Logistics

Kxpress has a proven delivery network and the company claims that its state of the art technology sets it apart from its counterparts.

16. African courier express (ACE)

ACE is a consumer-oriented delivery service. The company prides itself as one that gives great customer service, speedy delivery and safety handling.

Major e-commerce retailers have partnered with ACE to enable them to move their packages affordably and reliably across Africa.

Their technology-enabled logistics solutions afford a seamless customer experience for both retailers and customers.

ACE suits all types of courier needs. The company delivers packages of all shapes and sizes.

17. Kobo360

Kobo360 is one of leading delivery companies in Nigeria that operates in most countries in Africa.

The company’s seamless platform allows anyone to simply request for a truck and have their goods picked up, and delivered to the requested location.

18. Wemove

Wemove allows anyone to move goods or people with vehicles. Wemove is essentially a haulage company. The company offers cars, buses and trucks to people in need of them.

19. Kwik Delivery

For individuals and businesses, Kwik Delivery’s user-friendly interface helps users manage parcels seamlessly. From small to large goods, Kwik Delivery’s got you.

The Lagos-based delivery company raised $1.7 million pre-Series A investment and has a total funding amount of $2.2 million from Rising Tide Africa Limited, Thorburn Investments Nigeria, UFP Fintech, Stefano Piotti, Yves Guillemot and several others.

20. Gokada

Delivery companies in Nigeria

Last mile courier delivery solutions company, Gokada launched in 2018 as a ride-hailing company in Nigeria and later included logistics; Gsend and food delivery services; GShop, to its service offerings.

The company has raised $14.24 million on-demand motorcycle taxi service in order to solve some of Nigeria’s challenging problems in logistics and transportation.

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The primary method of delivering your products to customers outside your scope is through courier and dispatch delivery services.

The most popular ecommerce platforms such as Konga, Jumia and Payporte leverage this channel effectively, and customers are satisfied with the services provided by courier companies.

If you’re looking for a courier company for your business or you simply want to know the courier company with best services, the list of 20 best delivery companies in Nigeria listed above will be a good guide.


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