20 Best Free Property Listing Websites In Nigeria 2023

Property listing websites in Nigeria allow you to find and purchase your dream home and invest in real estate since they permit property listings, leasing, and buying.


Nigerian property sites provide a venue for sellers and buyers of real estate to communicate and interact. These sites take advantage of the industry-leading Real estate investment blueprint.

Since the beginning of the decade, Nigeria has experienced an increase in the number of properties on the market. .

Nigerians living overseas or abroad who want to buy their homes back are more likely to search for the best Nigerian property listing websites as a result of the rising number of Nigerians to live overseas or abroad.


These sites provide many advantages when you are searching for your dream home – they allow you to access deals that might sound too good to be true and show you what other people see in various neighborhoods.

These property listing websites are presented in no particular order. They all allow you to search for properties and advertise your property.

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20 Best Free Property Listing Websites In Nigeria

1. Property Pro NG


Property Pro NG (formerly is an online property listing platform in Nigeria that allows people to search for properties, view the available listings on the website, or buy and sell the property directly online.

The platform provides multiple features, including an interactive map that allows users to visualize the location of properties displayed on the site, as well as a feature that can be used by people looking for lodging while they are visiting Nigeria.

The map also shows areas where it is harder to find accommodation in order to help people plan their stay in Nigeria more effectively.

Property Pro NG is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

2. Nigeria Property Centre

Founded in 2012, Nigeria Property Centre (NPC) is a leading online property website in Nigeria.

NPC brings together the best of local and international property listings for sale, rent and lease. The website provides services to both buyers and sellers by connecting them with professional agents.

It also helps in facilitating transactions between buyers and sellers by providing an independent company to act as the intermediary between the two parties.

Property Listing Websites In Nigeria
Construction site and development

The current market conditions in Nigeria has led to a major demand for NPC’s services with over 20% of Nigerians living in areas where housing is unaffordable or they are looking for new homes or commercial spaces that are available for rent or purchase.

3. Property Guru

Property Guru is Nigeria’s leading online property portal with over 200,000 properties for sale and rent in Nigeria alone.

This is a property listing website that was started in Nigeria back in 2016 with listings of properties across the country.

This website is run and owned by a group of Nigerian investors and it offers properties for sale or rent around Nigeria and beyond. They offer home listings which include types of property such as apartments to beach houses and villas to condos at competitive prices.

Property Guru also offers services such as home renovation suggestions, arranging for mortgage holders and even contractors for every project they undertake so it’s easy for potential buyers or renters to find the right people to help them with their projects.

Property Guru is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

4. Property24

Property24 is a property listing website that helps people find and connect to potential buyers and sellers in the real estate market.

With a goal to create a marketplace for property, Property24 has made it easy for everyone in Nigeria to list their properties on our site. Here are some of the benefits you get from listing your properties on Property24 site:

  • Save time, money, and hassle by listing your property on Property24 site.
  • Easily connect with Buyers from all over the world by using our wide range of property categories.
  • Make sure that your property is listed at its best price when you list with them.

5. Hutbay

Hutbay is a property listing website that is popular in Nigeria today. It was founded in 2008 and it provides property listings to those who are looking for homes, apartments, apartments, and other properties. The website has been very successful as it has over 1 million active users. In addition to this, the website has been able to attract a lot of visitors from different nationalities and countries

This company is one of the most popular houses on the Nigerian market today. It was founded by a couple of entrepreneurs with their first site being created in 2008 and reaching over 1 million active users today. Some of its services include property listings that have been created by top rated real estate professionals from all around Nigeria as well as properties from abroad that have been verified to meet the client’s needs.

Hutbay is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

6. Property List Hub

Property List Hub is a commercial, residential property listing website in Nigeria founded in 2013. The website has listings of properties for sale and rent.

Property List Hub works by providing an online database that has details of properties at the click of a button. It also provides detailed information on each property including a number of bedrooms, bathrooms, air conditioners, price range, the type of property it is, and more.

Nigeria is one of the most populous countries in Africa with a population exceeding 200 million people.

As such it has an enormous demand for housing options with many people looking to buy or rent for themselves or their families who are moving to other African countries like Angola, Cameroon, and other parts of Africa where there are significant job opportunities but limited housing options.

7. Nigeria Property Zone

Nigeria Property Zone is one of the leading Property Listing Websites In Nigeria that offers prices for properties across the country. Nigeria Property Zone provides information about the properties, location, price and other basic information about each property listed on their website, all in an easy-to-understand user interface.

Nigeria Property Zone has helped thousands of Nigerians find their dream homes for sale or rent, and they also offer a comprehensive listing service to help people find a property or agent by using search tools such as filters by price range and area of interest among others.

8. Nigeria Property Market

Nigeria property market website is easy to use and users are generally happy with the service. To have the best experience on the website, Nigeria Property Market made sure they focused on user experience.

The Nigerian property market has been under pressure for some years now, but that doesn’t mean that it has lost its appeal. With an easy to use interface and plenty of information about all of the properties for sale in Nigeria at your fingertips, it’s no wonder why more people are looking into the Nigerian property market to find their nect property deals.

Nigeria Property Market is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

9. Nigeria Property Finder

Nigeria Property Finderis a leading Nigerian real estate website that provides property listings and guides for Nigerian properties for sale and rent.

Nigeria Property Finder is a leading real estate website in Nigeria that provides property listings, guides for Nigerian properties, maps, the satellite view of the city, blogs, chat facilities with qualified agents and more. The site has an easy-to-navigate interface which makes it easy for people to find the perfect home or investment opportunity in Nigeria at the moment they are ready to buy or rent.

10. Realtor NG

These are a few of the things that make Realtor NG a top notch listing website. As you can see, the website has a huge web presence on search engine and also it’s very user-friendly. With no doubt, you’ll agree that it has one of the smartest front ends around!

Realtor NG is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

11. Castle

Castle is a property listing site, where you can buy or rent online or offline. Castle is one of Nigeria’s largest property portal and the most trusted online real estate platform in Nigeria.

Property Listing Websites In Nigeria

Castle was founded with the aim of providing an efficient and affordable platform for Nigerians to find their dream home, get the best deals around, and make informed decisions on purchasing property without having to pay exorbitant fees commonly charged by agents at time of purchase.

12. Naija Properties

A lot of Nigerians are struggling to find a good place to call their own. The country is currently the fourth most populous in Africa and with such a high population, it is not surprising that there is a lack of houses available. However, this has led to an increase in rent prices as people struggle to find affordable accommodation.

As Nigeria continues to grow, the number of privately owned properties for sale and rent will be on the rise too because people are looking at finding new places to live in crowded areas.

To meet the growing demand for affordable housing in Nigeria, Naija Properties, It’s an online platform that lists all privately owned properties for sale.

The platform allows users to upload their properties for sale or rent without any charges. It has over 10 million property listings.

Naija Properties is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

13. Propertify

The government wants to create a new generation of entrepreneurs that can propel the country forward. To do this, they need to provide the right environment for business start-ups, which includes favourable conditions for property investors in the country.

Buyers are able to take their time to find the perfect match for them while sellers are not obligated to show multiple properties.

This company has made some huge leaps in the real estate industry. They have a sleek design and an easy-to-use website.

Propertify is known for prompt & quality service delivery. It has a near-zero seconds response rate, which makes it really useful for people who want to sell their properties quickly. It currently stands at rank 3 in the Nigerian top property lists of 2018.

14. Nigeria Properties Estate

Nigeria properties estate is one of Property Listing Websites In Nigeria that provides real estate listings for properties in Nigeria. This website was created by a local Nigerian company and they needed a way to attract more clients as well as promote their services as an online marketplace.

The team behind this website has put a great deal of consideration into how they wanted their website to look and feel – from how the headlines should be written, what font they should use, what color scheme is appropriate, etc.

15. Nigeria Property Centre

Nigeria Property Centre is a property and real estate website in Nigeria with property listings for lease, rent, and sale.

The website offers Nigerian property seekers a simple means to find details of property like houses, shops, homes, spaces and other commercial properties to rent or buy.

It also offers a medium for advertising property from Nigerian private property owners and organizations.

Advertisers include property professionals such as estate agents, letting (rental) agents, new homes developers and Nigerian private property owners who offer properties within Nigeria for property hunters.

Nigeria Property Centre is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.

16. Private Property

If you’re searching for property to sell, lease, or buy, Private Property is one of the best places for connecting you with properties and people so you can find the latest estate listings and best deals in your market.

The platform puts a lot of effort into making the search for your property seamless and rewarding. From offering clearly displayed quality listings to offering simple mechanisms for contacting the seller or agent, Private Property goal us to help you find the best property for your needs.

17. Cj Brown Real Estate

This registered company has land buildings and properties ready for sale in states listed below:

Lagos State, F.C.T Abuja, Rivers State. IMO State. Akwa Ibom State. Abia State. awka Anambra State. Cross River. State. Delta State. Enugu State. located at the heart of the cites and several other places

They buy, lease, rent and sell land properties.

The company provides an end-to-end solution for real estate consumers. From finding a property to rent or buy, connecting to local real estate professionals or finding a mortgage.

18. Flatfy

This is a simple search engine for real estate. They also incorporate ads from multiple sources to grant a customer access to a wide-ranging variation of relevant real estate content. Good for investors and Marketers alike.

Flatfy is one of the best Property Listing Websites In Nigeria..

19. Muna Real Estate

Muna real Estate Limited puts the D in different. Most real estate websites just listings and maybe connect you to a realtor.

Property Listing Websites In Nigeria
Luxurious villa with private infinity pool and chaise lounges at summer in dusk.

Muna real estate goes the extra mile to teach with their “University” section to give you access to training and a lot of resources on real estate ventures. They also aren’t limited to Nigeria. You can get access to properties in Dubai, Miami, Singapore, Vancouver, and Cyprus.

20. Myyinvest

Myyinvest is a startup property technology company that specializes in fractional real estate. If you’re not familiar with the term, it is, simply, breaking real estate assets into fractions so as make it more affordable and beneficial for the investors.

People of equal interest invest by buying tokens (Fractions) either for a short term holding period or a long term period. As far as Myyinvest goes, a lot of people can attest to their company’s website and its benefits.

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Websites with property listings are crucial for real estate businesses, especially for those just starting out.

That completes our list of 20 Best Free Property Listing Websites In Nigeria.


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