20 Best Glamping Tents for Luxury Camping In 2023

This is a detailed guide on the best glamping tents for luxury camping in your next adventure.


The past few years have seen a significant BOOMER in outdoor activity. People are searching for novel ways to leave their homes, experience something different, and spend more time outdoors as another summer approaches.

Even if it can still be risky to travel to distant places, we can be sure that all of the nation’s national forests and public lands are accessible (with restrictions, of course).

What better way to travel than to spend some time in the woods getting back in touch with nature and yourself?


No matter how hard we try to convince ourselves — or others — that we enjoy camping, not everyone finds comfort in leaving their sofas, nice glassware, and cosy bedding. While some of us are all about roughing it in the woods. If that is you, a glamping tent (also known as luxurious camping) is the best option.

The best glamping tents will give you a taste of the outdoors without compromising any of your favourite creature amenities, whether you intend to go glamping occasionally or establish a semi-permanent basecamp on your property.

Here are the Best Glamping Tents for Luxury Camping, together with all the information you require.


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What is Glamping?

Although the phrase may be unfamiliar to you, it is actually quite self-explanatory. Glamour camping is camping done right.

Glamping is a relatively new style of luxury camping that has gained popularity in recent years.

Given how people’s priorities have changed in the past year, it is anticipated that glamping will gain even more popularity soon.

20 Best Glamping Tents For Luxury Camping

1. PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent

The PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent is the one of best glamping tent for luxury camping that make up our first list of the best glamping tents.

It is made of strong, resilient canvas that has been waterproofed. The robust fabric works well in snow, wind, and rain. You may even use a wood stove or cook food inside because it is fire resistant.

Glamping Tents

The tent breathes well as well. There is plenty of circulation thanks to mesh side windows and a top air vent. This canvas tent’s sides can even be rolled up in the summer to increase airflow. If you use a stove pipe vent in conjunction with a wood stove for cold season camping, the area will be appropriately aired.

The roomy design and PVC floor are additional advantages.

2. Lotus Belle Outback Tent

A roomy and light glamping tent that will draw attention is the Lotus Belle Outback Tent.

It has a fashionable design that strikes a balance between class and utility. To maximise inside space, the tent makes use of a distinctive design.

You can easily fit a king size bed inside of a 13-foot circle. Alternatively, you might use up to eight sleeping bags, four twin beds, or any other similar sleeping configuration.

The groundsheet that is included with this tent is fastened to it with Velcro straps. Mesh doors and windows are present. All of these characteristics help to keep animals out while still allowing for great airflow.

The entire construction is done using heavy-duty cotton canvas. It is incredibly resilient and holds up in all weather.

3. Dream House 4-Season Tent

Another traditional canvas wall tent that may be used all year round is the Dream House 4-Season Tent.

The big size of this tent makes it ideal for glamping. It can accommodate eight or more people sleeping on cots or sleeping bags comfortably. The tent has plenty of room for two queen-size beds, adding even more luxury.

Additionally, this Dream House tent is quite tough. A waterproof coating is applied to the heavy-duty cotton canvas to provide outstanding weatherproofing all year long. One of the most wind-resistant glamping tents we’ve seen is this one.

Mesh windows and a PVC ground cloth are additional elements. For a wood stove, there is no stove pipe vent. Everything you need for any weather is included with the tent.

4. Winterial Teepee Tent

The Winterial Teepee Tent is your most cost-effective choice for glamping.

This tipi-style tent is made of 210T polyester and is among the best affordable glamping tents on the market. Despite being exceedingly light, the tent is also very durable. It withstands all of the damage caused by being outside.

It is waterproof and windproof to use this Winterial tent. Although it is not a 4-season tent like some of the others on our list, it performs admirably in 3-season circumstances, with the exception of winter. It has a built-in ground sheet and a rain cap.

With plenty of room, four adults can sit comfortably. In a pinch, more individuals can squeeze inside (around six or so). One of the simplest glamping tents to take into a campsite is this one because to its lightweight construction.

5. Foot Outback Deluxe Glamping Tent

Gather your camping martini glass, and take a seat. If this tent appears to be something from a fairy tale, it actually is. The biggest part of this 16-foot bell-shaped tent is 18 feet long. Six (yes, six) twin-sized mattresses might fit nicely within, or six people could do yoga without feeling cramped.

A strong PVC groundsheet designed to resemble a bathtub is used in conjunction with a heavy-duty cotton fabric that is both fire- and water-resistant to create this premium tent. It has a large zip-up front door that can fit a queen-sized bed through, two mesh windows, two roof vents, and lots of outside tie-downs to keep items in place in the event of a strong wind.

6. Person 4-Room Cabin Tent

Although this option isn’t quite as opulent as some of the other tents in this assessment, it’s likely to be larger than your first New York apartment. This tent’s 283 square feet of floor space can be divided into four distinct rooms, each serving a specific purpose.

There are rooms for Mom and Dad, the boys, the girls, and a lounge area (if the weather is crummy). Furthermore, there are three different entrances, which provide much-needed solitude or a means to avoid tripping over a companion when you get up in the middle of the night.

Polyester is used to make this tent’s body, floor, and rainfly waterproof. There are 8 steel poles and 12 fibreglass poles (to make it lighter).

7. Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Who doesn’t adore canvas tents with spherical floorplans? you aren’t able to spend the money on a premium Lotus Belle, then this Whiteduck tent is for you. Over 100 Amazon reviews with an average rating of 4.7 stars are available.

Your living quarters will remain cool, dry, and orderly in all four seasons — yes, even winter, if you dare. This is because the polyvinyl zipped-in groundsheet is plenty durable and easy to keep clean. The stove jack is ready to fire up a wood-burning stove.

Regardless of whether you choose the 10-foot, 13-foot, or 16-foot choice, this tent will transform into your very own opulent bedroom. One person setup is feasible but not advised.

8. Patrol Deluxe Tent

This safari tent is a true glamping retreat; it is similar to the traditional military canvas pup tent but with a few modern tweaks for extra comfort. Four doors (two front and two back) with integrated mesh windows allow the cross breeze to come in and keep you cool at night. Its cotton canvas is breathable, waterproof, and ready to brave the storm. The sewn-in PVC groundsheet also acts as a nice barrier to bugs and dirt.

A large number of guylines and three spring-tensioned steel poles—one at each entrance and one in the middle—provide the framework for this tent. Its 13×11.4 foot size provides enough room for four large cots and equipment. Even though setup requires two people, it’s a rather simple task that won’t take much practise or guidance.

9. Wagontop 6P Group Camping Tent

Nemo’s Wagontop was thoughtfully designed with a large group of family or friends in mind. When it’s time to get dressed, you’ll love the standing-height ceilings (80-inch peak height) and ample floor area (12×9 feet) in this tent, so get up, stretch out, and dance a little.

A single-wall construction (there is no separate rainfly) and only four poles that quickly raise the frame make setup simple and manageable for one person.

Large screen windows are installed on each of its four walls to improve ventilation and create a cosier atmosphere. You have two doors to choose from for entering and exiting. Weather is kept out by the front vestibule, which resembles a foyer.

10. Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

In comparison to a dome or bell-shaped tent, wall tents have substantially more usable space since they have vertical walls (thus the name). There are many sizes of this wall tent, ranging from 8×10 to 16×20 feet.

This tent feels more like a temporary home than a camping tent because it is constructed of a strong cotton canvas, has a solid aluminium frame and rafters, powder-coated steel supports, a hardy PVC floor that is sewed in, military-grade zippers, and big mesh windows with storm flaps.

This wall tent’s base model can accommodate tiny portable heaters for four-season use and is water-resistant. Spend more money on the heat-resistant model with a stove jack and flap and textiles that are treated for fire resistance if you truly want to enhance comfort.

11. Big Agnes Big House Deluxe Tent: 4-Person 3-Season

With Big Agnes’ Bunk House, you may travel in absolute luxury while visiting National Parks. Though considerably smaller than many glamping tents, this car camping tent (92×90 inches) is nonetheless roomy and won’t take up your entire trunk. With vertical sidewalls and a gracious 70-inch peak height that parents will love when changing the infant, it is designed for people who truly wish to stand while changing in the tent.

Thanks to its solid aluminium poles, adjustable guylines, double-wall construction, full rainfly, and waterproof bottom in the shape of a bathtub to keep the elements out, the Bunk House is one of the more storm-resistant standup tents available. Compared to larger, heavier glamping tents, setup is more simpler and can be completed by one person.

12. Big Family Camping Bell Tent

If you’re determined on a canvas glamping tent, you can’t argue with the price difference, even though this one isn’t as robust or feature-rich as the Whiteduck bell tent above. The 13-foot diameter of this base model is available in larger diameters.

This budget-friendly, all-cotton canvas glamping tent is the ideal place to stay for your warm-weather outdoor vacation because it is incredibly breathable and water-repellent. It can comfortably accommodate one queen-sized bed and two twin beds even with the centre pole.

When the sun is really baking, you can open the windows and built-in vents, unzip the floor from the side walls, and roll up the sides of the tent for great ventilation beneath your canopy. It’s the ideal multipurpose camping solution for families.

13. Elk Mountain Tents Yukon Bell Tent

The Elk Mountain Tents Yukon Bell Tent is designed for a variety of uses, including glamping and car camping. It comes in sizes 13 ft (4 m) and 16 ft (5 m). This bell tent is composed entirely of polyester rather than cotton canvas, in contrast to the other bell tents on our list. As a result, the tent has a higher rip strength, is robust, naturally waterproof, and is far more rot resistant than standard cotton canvas.

This bell tent is among the easiest to set up due to its polyester construction. Although the overall weight is not significantly lighter than other options due to the weight of the galvanised steel poles and stakes, the lighter weight of the canvas material more than makes up for it.

14. Karma ZIG Bell Tent

The UK-based business Karma Canvas specialises in traditional bell tents with a posh and contemporary twist. Our top pick for eco-friendly glamping tents is the Karma ZIG Bell Tent. The canvas used in this design is composed of 100% natural, unbleached, and organic cotton, making it durable enough to last you through several seasons. The fabric is UV-protective, waterproof, and mold-resistant. Additionally strengthened and double stitched are the seams.

The ZIG Bell Tent is large enough to accommodate the entire family and is available in sizes of 5m, 6m, 7m, or 8m with double entrance. Smaller sizes are also available with a single entrance. It pitches fairly quickly thanks to spring-loaded poles and is small enough to fit in a car.

15. Life inTents Fernweh Bell Tent

Both beautiful and terrifying, Life inTents’ Fernweh bell tent is. The army duck cotton canvas of this all-season tent weighs a substantial 11 ounces (390 gsm), making it ideal for long-term setup. It takes less than 20 minutes to put up and has a size of 212 square feet, which can accommodate two queen beds.

A double screened wall that can be rolled for more ventilation, bamboo poles, higher sidewalls for more room for your gear, a fire-retardant treatment, a wood stove jack, and reliable hardware distinguish the tent from inexpensive bell tents even though it does cost a premium price. The best part is that it is covered by a limited warranty.

16. Cocoon Tree Pro

This fantastic tent offers a lot more for you and your partner than the other options we looked at. You can hang it from a ceiling or set it on the ground because it is made of waterproof cotton to keep you dry.

The prettiest summer item you’ll wear this season, but remember to choose trees that can carry more than a tonne of weight.

17. Inflatable Bubble Glamping Tent

This tent, which is made of transparent PVC, resembles a bubble. This is designed for those of you who enjoy stargazing and rising with the sun.

Spend a romantic weekend outdoors with your significant other, but don’t get too far off the grid since you need your portable power to keep the bubble inflated.

18. Kodiak Cabin Tent

One of the top luxury tents for extended camping trips in challenging weather is this one. The tent is fairly big and cumbersome when packed, but the steel frame and welded corner brackets provide a very solid tent frame that can withstand mountain weather and severe winds.

Similar to the cotton duck canvas, the Hydra-Shield version has a tight weave that keeps campers dry even in storms and blizzards. When camping on unlevel terrain, the puncture-resistant vinyl groundsheet is excellent for preventing damage to camping mats and airbeds.

In warmer regions, the Kodiak Cabin tent is also appropriate for use. Air may move freely via the five sizable mesh windows while being kept out by summer gnat infestations.

19. Robens Klondike Tent

The Robens six-person Klondike Tent features the portability of a polyester tent with the appearance of a classic canvas bell tent. It is far lighter than some of the other items on our list, weighing in at only 16.7kg. The weatherproof polycotton fabric used to construct the Klondike Tent and its adaptable layout make it ideal for camping during all four seasons.

Mesh panels and an exterior hood on the tent’s peak help to keep the rain and wind out. A secret pulley system allows you to open the hood on warmer days for increased ventilation. Additionally, there are two zipped vents. This one-room tent has a mesh windowed double door entrance.

20. Mongulai Yurt

The Mongulai Yurt is the least transportable option on this list, but it’s a great choice for long-term glamping.

Glamping Tents

In fact, this yurt is perfect for long-term outdoor shelters like basecamps and semi-permanent glamping vacations. It’s the most robust, solid, and long-lasting glamping tent we’ve yet to see.

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It’s crucial to realise up front that setting up this glamping yurt does take a while. Up until you get the hang of it, allow yourself around 45 minutes for setup. It’s preferable to set up this tent for a week or more at a time due to the protracted setup process and overall weight/bulk.


It pays off greatly to take the effort to locate the best luxury tent. It will significantly impact how much you enjoy your glamping trip overall.

Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any more queries about glamping or how to pick a glamping tent. Humortainment would adore to assist!


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