20 Best Travel Apps in Nigeria for Android and iOS (2023)

Do you want to travel in and out of Nigeria conveniently? There are many good travel apps in Nigeria you can use to get that information. Here are a few.


In the past, travelling used to be a stressful thing to do before leaving home and after reaching our destinations. This occurs mostly when we travel a long distance to unfamiliar places.

There are places where we have no real connection or familiarity, but we must be there for a few important reasons.

It has become extremely easy to move from Lagos to Abuja or Nigeria to the UK today, and you will find yourself in the best locations for convenience and good service.


This article on Humortainment lists out the best travel apps in Nigeria.

You can use these apps to find the best accommodation, flight tickets, the best places to arrive before you book a flight, and so on. Whether it’s in Nigeria or abroad, they have you covered.

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20 Best Travel Apps in Nigeria for Android and iOS (2022)

1. TripAdvisor


Before travelling, having an app like Tripadvisor should always be a priority as it has all you need to get prepared for a journey.

Tripadvisor will give you tips on the best hotels in places you want to get, the cheapest flights, the best restaurants and so on. If you’re looking for a very nice travel app, you should get this.

Tripadvisor also features an online community where you can meet some of the best and most active travellers in the world. It’s one of the best travel apps in Nigeria for Android and iOS users.

2. HEHA!

A brilliant app for the planning and preparation stages of your holiday. With one search HEHA! will compare all the best travel extras, like airport parking, airport hotels, lounges and transfers.

It’ll cleverly tailor these towards your trip based upon your flight, destination and other travel details.

Enjoy exclusive app discounts, receive notifications if any products fall in price, create a shortlist to compare items of interest, browse helpful, related travel content and even check the weather forecast for your destination.

HEHA! is like having your very own personal trip advisor, travel expert and holiday assistant rolled into one!Travel Apps in Nigeria


Whether it’s a business trip or a holiday trip, getting prepared with booking always seem better and when I say better, I mean you’ll get the best prices, best locations and best flights to your desired destinations. has got you covered for your travelling plans.

With app you’ll realize travelling has been made easy for you, with this app you can travel and arrive conveniently within or outside the country. It’s one of the best travel apps in Nigeria.

4. Airbnb

Travel apps

If you’re looking for holiday accommodation then Airbnb could be just the app for you. Find a home away from home with over 6 million choices across 191 countries.

You can can tailor your search by price, neighbourhood and nearby amenities to ensure you find the best choices regardless of your taste and requirements. Save your favourite rental homes for future holidays and find new experiences to enjoy while you’re away.

5. Google Maps

The days of the fold-out map are well and truly over! With the Google Maps app, you can search for directions to and from anywhere in the world, and you can even tailor them to different transportation methods.

If you’re not sure about your internet connection while you’re abroad you can download maps ahead of time for the areas you are travelling to access offline.

Travel apps

You can also create your own ‘saved lists’, where you can pin your favourite attractions, restaurants and bars, and view them all on a custom map.

They’re a straightforward, visual way to organise all your must-visit places and can be easily shared with friends or kept private.

6. TripIt

Just like how we hire events planners to handle schedules during our parties or any big occasion, TripIt can also be our travel planner as we can have all our travel plans sorted out while using this app.

Safe and secured, all you need to do is just forward your flight, hotel, car bookings to and let them handle the rest.

TripIt is very easy to use, has enough features for all travellers and it’s also one of the best travel apps in Nigeria for Android and iOS users.

But this application works better for trips outside the country.

7. Kayak

Kayak is an organised travel app that’ll help you save money during travel preparations, and it does that by helping you find the best deals on travelling and reservations.

There’s more you can do with kayak app, you can hire different forms of transportation with this app and it’s best enjoyed if you’re planning trips outside the country.

Kayak is one of the best travel apps for Android and iOS users, it comes with a lot of features and is also very easy to use.

It’s one of the travel apps you should have on your device.

8. Skyscanner

Search and compare the cheapest flights with the Skyscanner app. If you already know your travel dates, you’ll be able to find the best deals with ease – filter by price, flight duration, number of stops, greener flights and more.

If your dates are more flexible, take advantage of the colour-coded calendars and graphs to pinpoint the best time to travel for maximum savings.

Make sure to use the ‘Top Offers’ section to browse awesome deals from budget airlines and Price Alerts for when prices change. You can also use this holiday app to compare hotels and car hire.

9. PackPoint

We could all use a little help packing our suitcases, and PackPoint can provide exactly that.

Answer a few simple questions about your trip and PackPoint will create a customisable packing list for you, including recommendations based on weather forecasts, activities and whether or not you’ll have access to laundry facilities.

It’s easy to cross things off as they’re packed or add more as you go along. The standard version of the Packpoint app is free but does include ads and in-app purchases.

You can upgrade to the premium version for £2.49 on the Play Store or £2.99 on the App Store to remove these.

10. XE Currency Converter

Transfer rates playing on your mind? With XE Currency Converter you can keep on top of the changing rates, including the option to track up to 20 currencies with alerts and notifications.

You can also use it to check prices. It can sometimes be tricky to work out if you’re getting a good deal when you’re working in an unfamiliar currency, but XE will help you convert that into something more familiar on the spot.

There’s a free version of the App with adverts and in app purchases, or you can upgrade to the pro version for £1.18 on the Play Store and £1.99 on the App Store.

11. Google Translate

Concerned you might come up against a language barrier while you’re abroad? Although the Google Translate app isn’t quite the same as learning a second language, it can definitely help in a pinch.

One of the most useful features is the instant camera translation – just point your camera at a sign, or menu and the app will translate it for you in 38 different languages.

12. Hopper

Timing is super important when it comes to bagging yourself a cheap flight. So, when is the best time to book? That’s where Hopper can help. Hopper will advise you on the right time to book your trip for top savings.

This app predicts the prices for flights with 95% accuracy, meaning it can recommend when to book straight away or when to wait for a better price. Other handy features include: colour-coded calendars to easily spot the cheapest days to travel and helpful tips and information on details like carry-on allowances.

13. LuckyTrip

Love going away but hate the faff of planning? LuckyTrip is the holiday app you need on your phone. Whether you’re a relaxer or adventurer, culture vulture or foodie, with LuckyTrip you can book a perfectly-tailored trip in a single tap. Simply set your budget and preferences then hit Lucky!

This nifty and wonderfully addictive travel inspiration app will return personalised getaways to incredible places including the cheapest flights, the best accommodations and unique experiences for you to browse and book. To make things nice and easy you can save trips, share with friends and set up push notifications to alert you to new, awesome deals.

14. Culture Trip

The trip planner app, Culture Trip, is the go-to for both travel planning and inspiration. This easy-to-use app is filled to the brim with award-winning travel stories and videos, unique destination guides and recommendations from passionate local experts in over 450 locations.

Create wishlists and save your favourite content so you still have access offline while you’re out exploring.

15. Withlocals

One of the best travel apps, Withlocals connects travellers with trusted locals to help find the very best things to do and places to eat. Watch destination guide videos, chat with local hosts, read reviews and enjoy unique tours and foodie experiences. Avoid tourist traps and discover hidden gems!

16. Headout

Discover, book and experience the very best events, shows, activities and other awesome things happening near you with Headout. Be inspired and choose from over 3000 experiences worldwide, from cruises down the River Seine in Paris to helicopter tours over the Grand Canyon in Las Vegas. With Headout you can even enjoy exclusive discounts on last-minute tickets.

17. LikeALocal

LikeALocal is all about helping you find the top, off-the-beaten-track sights, bars and restaurants in hundreds of cities worldwide. The app works 100% offline so you can browse destination guides, tips and tricks from locals and maps while you’re out and about.

With LikeALocal you can also book tours and connect with locals – there’s a handy Q&A section where you ask for recommendations and advice.

18. Zomato

Zomato is a neat little app that lets you search and discover new restaurants to visit and order in from. Browse everything from menus to customer reviews, bookmark favourite spots and make reservations within the app. The specially curated collections are perfect if you’re after some inspiration.

Looking for the best bagels in New York or the top restaurants with a view in Rome? Zomanto can help!

19. Uber

This well-known, handy transport app operates in 700 cities around the world and offers a quick, direct and easy way to get around while you’re abroad. With a few taps you can check fares, request and track your car. Pay for your trip and leave an optional tip all within the app.

Travel apps

20. GlobeTips

Navigating the tipping norms in different countries can be confusing – is a tip required, appreciated or virtually unheard of? Enter GlobeTips.

This app offers tipping advice for over 240 countries. Select your country, enter your bill amount manually or use the bill recognition tech and the app will give you a recommended tip amount (and bill total) based on what is considered best for that specific country. GlobeTips also has a handy bill-splitting feature and can customise if you include or exclude tax in your tip.

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I’m sure after reading this article you’ll feel a little lighter when it comes to making travel plans and paying for expenses. These Travel apps will do nothing more than to help you find the cheapest flights, hotels, and rental cars.


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