20 Best Websites To Download PC Games for Free(2023)

The gaming industry has over a billion active users, making gaming websites popular and widely used. As a result, there are all kinds of threats, including hackers and online attackers.


On top of that, online gamers face cyberthreats such as scams, hacking, phishing, malware, and adware as well as verbal abuse, threats, etc.

Due to this, you will find that trusted gaming sources do their utmost to ensure network security and control.

Gaming websites are sources of some of the most addictive online games. These best websites to download PC games strive hard to ensure to its user a fun packed and thrilling gaming experience.


We have compiled a list of 20 websites to download PC games for Windows 10/11 or earlier versions for free.

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Websites To Download PC Games
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20 Best Websites To Download PC Games for Free In 2022

1. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games is undoubtedly one of the best Websites to download PC games for free. You can download almost every popular game for free from this website. Moreover, UI of this site is very clean and there are no Pop Ads either.


All games which you can download from this website are hosted on their server only, so you can expect high-speed downloads without any hassle from them.

To download any game, just search for its name in the Search widget (located in the sidebar) or you can look for different games too by clicking on different game types from Navigation Bar.

2. Origin Games

Most of the graphics intense games are not free. You have to use your credit to get your hands on it.

I know you might have used quite a number of pirated versions. But sadly, they can become useless anytime.

So, what’s the legit way to get premium games for free? Is there any best website to download PC games for free? Yes, there is one. That’s EA’s Origin. I am pretty sure that you are familiar with the brand name EA as a game lover.

EA is one of the pioneers in video game making with a lot of popular games.

You can’t get all of the EA’s games for free. They provide one free game at a time. It’s like a giveaway.

Just sign into their website to claim your copy. Right now, they are giving away NFS Most Wanted (which forced me to list this site on #1 in the list of best sites to download computer games for free).

So, I can say that Origin Games is one of the best sites to download PC games for free.

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3. GameTop

Maybe you are not a fan of big games. Sometimes PC with limited hardware specifications can’t afford one.

In this case, you can’t enjoy the pleasure of playing high-end games.

The best thing to do is downloading low-end games with small size and installing the same on your system. On such an occasion, you can rely upon GameTop.

On the homepage, you can see games under various categories. If you want to go for pretty new releases, consider those under New Games.

Just scroll down a bit. You will see best and online games as well. The online games can only become playable only if you get an internet connection with decent speed.

You will see the names of different platforms on the top navigation bar.

That means you can download games for any platform from GameTop.

The second navigation bar contains the names of several genres. If you don’t find your favorite game, you are free to use that search field.

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4. Gamulator

Gamulator is one of the best Websites to download PC games for free.

Gamulator is a website where you can download all sorts of retro console ROMs and ISO’s. They have a full list of game emulators like GBA, PSP, PS1, and others.

Gamulator is one of the best sites in which you can try for downloading the most popular retro games. It also shows the list of popular ROMs which are much in trend.

You will also get many console games on this website. The website offers a cool user-interface to search any retro games with names.

Gamulator has no ads to disturb the fun of games. The game links are reliable to download on any device.

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5. CNET Download

Every internet user is aware of the CNET website. They provide a lot of user guide for computer users.

Along with the guide, you can download desktop tools from there as well. CNET download section for Windows games is one of the best sites to download PC games for free. You can download both popular and new items from CNET.

The download time varies depending on the size of the file. Right to some games, you can see a Buy Now button along with the Download option, which means that a particular game has a premium version.

On top of the screen, a large search bar is provided. If you end up finding none of your interests, just type the name of your favorite game into it.

6. MyRealGame

My Realgame is one of the best Websites to download PC games for free. Just like GameTop, this website is also for those who don’t want to play high-end games.

The games are categorized into online, mobile and computer games. You can choose any of these from the homepage.

As in any other website, a secondary navigation bar is also available with the names of different genres. If you like shooting genre the most, click on the same link.

Unlike all the four best sites to download PC games for free given here, MyRealGames has a few translated versions.

You can access those versions by clicking on the different flags displayed just right to the search bar on top.

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7. AOL Games

Actually, AOL Games is not a site to download PC games. Instead, you can play online games for free here.

I have included this website here because AOL Games is one of the best websites to play online games. The best thing that makes this site unique is they don’t compel you to register.

Even though a sign-up option is available, you can play games without signing up. On the homepage, you can see a search bar where you can type the name of any of your favorite games and hit enter to find it.

Beneath the search option, a navigation menu with names of genres can be seen. If you click on any of them, you will land in that particular category.

You can play multiplayer games as well, even with unknown people. Invite your friends to play games on one of these best games listed there. And, it would be fun playing with them.

8. Acid Play

Want to download those games which you used to play on your video games earlier like Super Mario, Contra 3, Street Fighter?

Then Acid Play isone of the best Websites to download PC games for free.

Though, don’t expect any high-end games on this website. You can also check the rating of these games before downloading them in your PC/Computer.

9. Mega Games

Mega Games is another site to Download Full PC Games for free. Your can also download PS3/PS4 games for free from this website.

You can also download game mods, cheats, trainers, and fixers from this website. You can directly search for any game and download it from the website.

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10. Skidrow

Skidrow is one of the best Websites to download PC games. Skidrow is the biggest name when it comes to getting the latest PC games for free.

You can safely download all the new PC games from the skidrow reloaded(dot)com. There are tons of games over even over 20 GB or 50 GB in size that you can download in parts and then unzip to play them.

Some of the latest games in the collection are Tekken 7, Tomb Raider, Assassin’s Creed Origin, InJustice 2, GTA V, BattleField 1, No Man’s Sky, and many more.

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11. FitGirl

Another site that is similar to the Ocean of Games or the Skidrowreloaded is the FitGirl – Repacks.

You can access the tons of latest games on this website and can easily download the zipped files and later uncompress to play the games.

Websites To Download PC Games

The website has a massive collection of free-to-download games. Some of these are legit, while others are cracked versions.

You can get many new games such as Shadow of Tomb Raider, Fallout 76, Far Cry 5, FIFA 19, and many more.

12. Gog

Gog is another website where you can go and purchase a legit copy of a game.

You don’t have to worry about the viruses or malware that comes with pirated games when buying GOG.

There are several titles available at discounts, such as Witcher 3, Cyberpunk 2077, Bloodstained, and Frostpunk, that you get at a fraction of the price.

Safety – It is not always safe to download non-genuine copies of the games as they can have viruses, malware, adware, and other security issues.

The best way to play the games is to download them from the official website by paying the developers who have worked hard.

13. PC Games Lab

PC Games Lab is one of popular Websites to download PC games. Mission games, horror, racing, sports or strategy, select a game of your choice and challenge yourself with the most interesting gaming websites strategies.

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14. Game Jolt

Are you a lover of adventure games, or is it action games that you love to play, whether it is horror or fangame, Whichever game it might be, just name it, Games Jolt offers it all.

Game Jolt is still one of the best popular gaming websites to download games. The gaming site allows you to browse through multiple video games to make an a befitting choice.

This gaming website has a lot of game collection for downloading various categories of games.

15. Softonic

Softonic has been a great website to download paid and free popular video games.

This best gaming website allows gamers and developers to use the site for downloading the latest games or trending games on their PC, web apps, Android and iPhone.

Softonic has various categories from which you can download various kinds of games from arcade games to racing games, simulation and various other kinds of games.

16. Miniclip

One of the best website to download PC game with good quality is Miniclip. You can download online battle royale games that are of great quality.

Thus gaming site also ensure that its users have a top-notch experience by always upgrading itself to make the game download process short and no-fuss.

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17. Addicting Games

Addicting Games is a great online collection of games that allows people of various age to download the game if their choice.

Positive rewards that lead to unpredictable outcomes until a player finally wins the game are what keep players interested in it.

Addicting Games is a well-liked option for players from all over the world because to its addicting gameplay and variety of play styles.

Here, you may find games in the puzzle, zombie, shooting, action, funny, car, and many other categories.

18. Ova Games

Ova Games is one of the top site to download PC game for free and it offers a lot of gaming options for selecting a game of your choice of download

With Ova Games downloading website you can choose from horror, puzzle, fighting, casual, or racing, just name it and select it.

Another interesting thing about Ova Game website is that you can also send a request that any games should be re-uploaded on this website.

19. Microsoft Games

Are you looking for the best web games online? Then Microsoft Games is one the best online gaming website that provides you with the latest trending games online.

Microsoft Game is popularly visited for both paid and free video game. Another great feature on Microsoft Game is that as a user, you can chat with Microsoft chat assistant Cortana for gaming support.

Microsoft Game is one of top-rated gaming site for hassle-free game download experience.

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20. GameSpot

GameSpot is one of the best Websites to download PC games for free.

GameSpot video gaming website is one of the best game sites offering views, reviews and updates about every game.

You can use this video gaming website for downloading popular games aside from going through detailed information provided for those games.

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Conclusion On The Best Websites To Download PC Games for Free

Websites To Download PC Games

Popular online gaming destinations include a number of well-known Websites To Download PC Games with interesting gaming options.

Why not try them out? We have listed out the best video game downloader app for Android for you so you can make an informed decision.


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