20 Best PC Screen Recording Software (Windows & Mac) In 2023

PC Screen Recording Software: Videos are a great resource with many applications. Video can be used to produce online classes, record product reviews, and offer training.


Software for screen recording has a wide range of functions. Some can capture voice, video from your webcam, and your screen.

If you’ve never looked into screen recorders, let us warn you that the task is difficult. You can research software, download it, learn about its restrictions, and then retry.

Software for screen recording is made to record lectures and other presentations, collect media, and store videos in different formats. Therefore, this collection of free screen recording applications will be very useful if you wish to capture any desktop actions.


What is Screen Recording Software?

You can record and stream from the screen of your PC or smartphone using a screen recorder. With the help of this software, you may take a screenshot or record a video of any area of the screen. The greatest screen recording programme will enable you to produce HD-quality films and photos.

You may record Skype chats, games, seminars, and films with the software. The software can be used to record videos from other sources, including IPTV, smartphones, webcams, and PlayStation/Xbox.

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20 Best PC Screen Recording Software (Windows & Mac)

1. Free Cam – PC Screen Recording Software


A very basic free screen recorder with an integrated audio/video editor is called Free Cam. You may alter the size of the area you need to capture using the enticing and user-friendly interface, which allows you to record both the entire screen and a piece of it. Despite being free, this software doesn’t have any watermarks and is ad-free. Additionally, there are no time restrictions; you are free to record videos for as long as you choose.

PC Screen Recording Software

2. DVDVideoSoft’s – PC Screen Recording Software

From a creator recognised for its free conversion software, Free Screen Video Recorder is a fully functional yet portable free screen recorder. It is helpful for Skype meetings and online conference calls because it can record Skype chats without restrictions. Additionally, many Windows apps can be identified and recorded as separate items. A simple, user-friendly image editor is provided, and it is surprisingly useful for creating a professional appearance.

3. ShareX – PC Screen Recording Software

With almost as many sophisticated capabilities as some premium screen recorders, ShareX is an open-source utility that is free of advertisements. An average consumer could become lost in the numerous sophisticated tools and editors since ShareX is primarily designed for developers and power users.

4. CamStudio – PC Screen Recording Software

For people who only seldom or occasionally utilise editing, CamStudio is an excellent option. This free, open-source screen recording tool produces AVI films that can be later converted to SWF. While some find its compactness appealing, others need more advancement and technical assistance. You might need to use extra video editing software because the tool only has basic editing capabilities.

5. Ezvid – PC Screen Recording Software

The world’s tool, according to Ezvid, a free screen recording application, may not be too far off the mark. The quickness of Ezvid, which was created specifically to save users’ time, contributes to the product’s clarity. In just a few minutes, you can create and upload videos directly to the YouTube platform. And for this reason, this programme is well-known among gamers and moviegoers who want to create YouTube videos regularly and rapidly.

6. TinyTake – PC Screen Recording Software

A sophisticated desktop screen recorder for Windows and Mac, TinyTake by MangoApps enables you to take screenshots and videos of your computer screen, annotate them, and share them with others in a matter of minutes. A cloud-based web gallery that is included with TinyTake allows you to keep all of your screen captures and recorded movies.

7. OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) – PC Screen Recording Software

One of the best open-source live streaming programmes is OBS Studio. Images, messages, window grabs, browser windows, webcams, capture cards, and more may all be used to generate scenarios that you can then flip between effortlessly using custom transitions. It is a powerful screen recorder with a tonne of features and options, unlike many other free competitors. However, if you’re seeking for the quickest and simplest way to record a video, all of this could seem like overkill.

8. Debut Video Capture – PC Screen Recording Software

One of the greatest free screen recorders for Windows is Debut, which enables you to create videos for virtually any operation. Although it has a strange and vintage interface, it features cutting-edge capabilities. For instance, you can add a brand or watermark to your video capture, create mouse highlighting spotlights, display keystrokes, alter the background with images, video, or colour, and even schedule a recording.

9. Loom – PC Screen Recording Software

Loom advertises itself as a webcam and screen recorder that enables users to create brief video messages that they can share to their team. As a result, it’s a fantastic substitute for emails, instant messages, and online meetings. The free version does have some restrictions, though. For instance, it limits the number of movies any user may create to 25 and the length to five minutes. Additionally, it has limited editing features, so you must use other apps if you want to edit and share recorded messages.

10. iSpring Suite – PC Screen Recording Software

Making screencasts with voiceovers, instructional videos with annotations, and screencasts combined with presenter videos is really simple with the help of the iSpring Suite application. After recording a screen capture, you may easily edit it by taking out background noise, trimming a clip, adding media objects and annotations, and adding transition effects. The application is particularly ideal for software lesson creators because it allows you to set it up to automatically record keystrokes and clicks and provide explanations for the activities.

11. Camtasia – PC Screen Recording Software

For enthusiasts who care about the finer details, Camtasia is a feature-rich application. It enables you to capture audio and video separately and then combine the results. When it comes to using animations, visual effects, and adding overlays, Camtasia is fairly versatile. The fact that this programme regularly receives new features and upgrades is the nicest part.

12. Filmora Scrn – PC Screen Recording Software

Gamers in particular adore the reliable video recording programme Filmora Scrn. It enables you to record a webcam video while concurrently taking pictures of quick-moving scenes (up to 60 frames per second for Mac). Additionally, it offers a simple video editor that you can use to enhance the appearance of the tutorial and video features, which can assist draw attention to the important elements on the screen.

PC Screen Recording Software

13. Movavi Screen Recorder – PC Screen Recording Software

With the simple-to-use screen capture tool Movavi Screen Recorder, you can take screenshots, record your desktop, record your camera, record audio, and save recordings as high-definition films and GIFs. Your completed film can be shared with your audience on social media by being uploaded to Google Drive or YouTube.

14. My Screen Recorder Pro – PC Screen Recording Software

With the feature-rich screen capture programme My Screen Recorder Pro, you may record a specific portion of the computer screen, including the complete desktop, menus, cursors, and sound-activated video. You can simultaneously record the desktop screen and your webcam or smartphone in high-definition. The screen recorder may save video in WebM, which is ideal for sharing or uploading to your website or blog, in addition to industry standards AVI, WMV, and MP4.

15. FlashBack – PC Screen Recording Software

FlashBack is a screen recorder that records in full motion and has an easy-to-use interface. A built-in video editor allows you to add subtitles, arrows, images, and highlights to a recording of your computer screen that also includes a webcam and microphone.

16. Screencast-O-Matic – PC Screen Recording Software

One of the greatest screen recorders, Screencast-O-Matic may be installed on a variety of gadgets, including PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It’s quick, comparatively simple to use, and includes a video editor so you can add your own touches to screen recordings to make them more appealing and amusing.

In contrast to its numerous rivals, Screencast-O-Matic includes collaboration and team management capabilities, cloud hosting for video storage and sharing, and an integrated stock library containing films, photos, and music files. However, only subscribers to the premium plan can enjoy this sophisticated functionality. You may use it to upload your films to Dropbox, Vimeo, Google Drive, and YouTube. There is also a mobile app available for iOS and Android.

17. Zappy – PC Screen Recording Software

Zapier, a firm that offers workflows to automate the use of web applications together, produces the software known as Zappy with the goal of enhancing efficiency and communication inside the workplace. It enables staff to quickly produce screencasts, screenshots, and GIFs, upload files to the cloud, and share each asset with coworkers by integrating links to G-Suite tools, Slack, and other services. Although the software lacks a video editor, you can doodle, add arrows, and insert colourful text to visually connect with your friends.

18. Snagit – PC Screen Recording Software

Snagit is a practical screen capture programme that can record photos or movies right away. You can take screenshots from various sources with the software.

The programme has sophisticated editing capabilities. You may simply add illustrations and process explanations to your documentation. You may quickly modify and annotate screenshots with the software by utilising test, custom graphics, and highlights.

19. OBS Studio – PC Screen Recording Software

This is a top-notch free programme for streaming or screen recording. Utilizing programmable hotkeys, you may record games in full-screen mode with OBS Studio, which can capture video directly from your PC. This free video recorder’s main benefit is that you may regulate the recording process without worrying about how long the video will end up being.

With OBS Studio, you can stream webcam or chat videos while using a variety of other features. You can also quickly switch between scenes. The captured video can also be saved in MP4 format.

20. Debut Video Capture – PC Screen Recording Software

You may record everything that occurs on your PC’s screen while using this free screen video capture software, which also offers a number of intriguing features. It is also possible to record from security cameras and webcams in addition to recording the video of your computer screen. Additionally, there is no time limit on recording.

PC Screen Recording Software

To your clip, you can apply a number of filters and watermarks. Debut Video Capture’s ability to export video to the most popular formats is a really helpful tool.

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With this article, we hope you gained knowledge of what screen capturing software is, how it can be used, and the general features you should consider when purchasing a screen capture tool.

Having knowledge of the several screen capture programmes will make it simpler for you to choose the one that best meets your needs.

The only restriction on how you can use a screen capture programme is your imagination. There are numerous various things you can do with a capturing programme. Simply choose the appropriate app, and the software will perform its creative magic for you.


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